Auto Insurance Quotes and The Top Safety Features on Cars

Getting cheap auto insurance quotes can be a bit difficult especially if statistics isn't working with you at the moment i.e. you're a young male who is deemed as a risky client by insurers. However, you can get lower auto insurance quotes by ensuring that you have the top safety features on your vehicle.

Fasten Your Seatbelts!

Back in 2008 a mother of two driving a minivan was hit by a pickup truck. If she and her two sons who were 15 and 10 at the time hadn't fastened their seatbelts and their airbags didn't work, their injuries would have been fatal. Lesson? Make sure that your car's seatbelts and the airbags are in good condition. They will not only save your life but will also save you tons on your auto insurance premium.

Electronic Stability Control

Having ESC will make you look like a pro when it comes to driving because this technology senses impending skids. It applies brakes to bring your vehicle back in control - pretty nice huh? And it's not only nice, it might even save your life.

Lane Departure Warning Systems for Sleepy Heads

If you travel a lot and have a tendency to get tired easily while on the road, getting a lane departure warning system for your vehicle is definitely a good decision because as you swerve to another lane in those moments of sleepiness, you will be awakened by this system. Statistics show that drowsy driving is major cause of accidents.

Rear Parking Sensors

Safe driving also involves the safety of pedestrians and to get the ultimate safety feature under this category, you should get rear parking sensors. The founder of Kids and Cars says that at least 50 kids get injured on a weekly basis because a car or a vehicle backed over them. If you have such a safety feature, you will not only be saving a lot of money on your premium, you will save lives too.

Getting affordable auto insurance quotes is possible. Get your auto insurance quotes today!

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