Types of Automotive Jobs

Numerous people have an ambition of getting an automotive school degree, but are confused about what type of jobs the automobile companies offer. If you also think the same way, no need to worry, as there are various types of automobile jobs available.

Since the car usage and ownership industries have tremendously grown in the past few years and continue to grow, anyone with an automobile school degree has an assured job.

Types of Jobs Available:

Below mentioned are some types of jobs, which a person having an automotive school degree may opt for:

1. Lube and oil technician: Cars need maintenance on a regular basis. Oil change is one-step involved in maintenance of cars. For maintenance of cars, many oil and lube store, garages, and workshops have come up. They provide jobs to persons, who have experience and knowledge to perform these maintenance tasks quickly. Graduates from such schools will easily get these types of jobs, since they are more knowledgeable and experienced in all these tasks.

2. Automotive Technicians: These people perform numerous tasks rather than just oil changing. Automobile technicians perform tasks such as air filter replacement and other such maintenance related tasks. They may also be hired for balancing wheels, mounting and dismounting wheels, changing brake pads and for performing tune-ups.

3. Mechanics: Mechanics require more education and experience compared to technicians. Mechanics perform more difficult repair works and may do the tasks of technicians too. A mechanic performs replacement tasks such as replacement of shocks and struts, alternators, drive shaft, and starters. Any person with an automobile school degree may apply for this job. Mechanics are given all the necessary hands-on training for this job.

4. Master Mechanics: A graduate from an automobile school will be proud of this particular job. This is a kind of job available at high quality automobile shop, garage or dealership maintenance workshop. The pay package of a master mechanic is higher than a technician or mechanic.

5. Auto Body and Paint Specialists: Persons who repair the damages on the vehicle are called auto body and paint specialists. These people are in great demand in recent times due to the high incidents of accidents. An auto body technician replaces exterior body parts and repairs damage. Paint technicians apply paint to the vehicle after repairing the damage.

6. Automobile Design and Engineering: This is the most esteemed job in the auto world. These auto expert persons design the look of a car. This job has very high demand because of the ever-changing technology and competition in the automobile industry. A person with a good understanding of auto theory as well as engineering practices may apply for this job.

These are some of the jobs available for automotive school graduates. Auto industries often require people for various jobs in diverse sectors of automobiles. The job may be for the creation or sales of new vehicles or it may be for repairs and maintenance of automobiles. To end, the auto world always has jobs for auto graduates.

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