The Best Road Trip Destinations in USA

When looking to go on a road trip, getting quotes from car rental companies on a car that will fit your needs is a bright idea. Car rental companies cater to all types of people - the solo traveler, the family, the couple, etc.

If you have already chosen a car but don't know where to go even if you are itching to drive cross country, you can visit the best road trip destinations in the United States. Here are some of them:


Visiting the Rockies is a good idea and if you remember Katharine Lee Bates' America the Beautiful, it is interesting to note that she was in Colorado when she wrote it. Colorado is a great road trip destination for those who love the great outdoors. In the summer, the spectacularly beautiful state features a number of activities - from swimming in its pristine waters to fishing to mountain biking and whitewater rafting.

New Orleans, LA

Ahh ... the magic of New Orleans is like no other. This one-of-a-kind destination features unique architecture especially in the infamous French Quarter. The cuisine is also to die for and eating Cajun or Creole dishes while listening to jazz is definitely worth the long ride.

Washington, DC and Virginia

The colors of Washington, DC during autumn is just spectacular and whether you plan to go there to get a glimpse of the White House or the Lincoln Memorial, make sure that you pay Virginia a visit too.

Boston, Massachusetts

Historical sites and pubs are what you get if you go to Boston, MA. You can barhop all you want and experience fantastic pub fare - probably the best compared to what is offered in nearby states, according to experienced barhoppers.

Disney World, Florida

There's nothing like going to Disney with the kids. All the magic and fun in one place is definitely worth the long drive.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

This is definitely the top road trip destination because it is not just one but one of the best natural wonders the world has ever seen. If you are planning to go to the Grand Canyon, it is best to compare quotes from different car rental companies. The best car rental companies will be able to offer reasonable daily rates for your rental.

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